VGs nye kinofilm «MAGNUS» hylles av amerikanske filmanmeldere på Tribeca

Strålende anmeldelser for Benjamin Rees dokumentarfilm om Magnus Carlsen.

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Kinofilmen fra VG og Moskus Film om Magnus Carlsen går for tida sin seiersgang på Tribeca-festivalen i New York.

Der er det utsolgte forestillinger og gode anmeldelser for regissør Benjamin Rees fortelling om den norske sjakkstjernen. Ja; nærmest hyllester for filmen.

The Hollywood News skriver blant annet i sin anmeldelse:

Magnus isn’t really a film about chess at all, but about confidence, the will to succeed, overcoming obstacles and frustrations, but most of all, family. Magnus, both the film and the person, is remarkable, and truly inspirational.

Chess has never been so engrossing, mesmerising or entertaining. Benjamin Ree’s film is a wonderful account of one of the greatest achievers of the past decade, and is an absolute must.

Gode ord får filmen også fra Screen Daily, som skriver følgende om filmen:

Taut and paced with drama at 76 minutes, Magnus is a sure-fire festival sensation.

Magnus, much of which is in English, also has family appeal, as a film about talent and dedication that even teenagers can enjoy. Its real berth will be on television, where it can track Carlsen’s rise to stardom or play alongside sports docs.  Ree’s study of Carlsen is also watchable enough to withstand the rise of a new chess prodigy, which could happen tomorrow.

Les også mer om filmen i vår reportasje fra forrige uke: 

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